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Volkje Lopcke aka "Misty"

She is by Ait 410 X Lammert 260 (deceased). 

Ait is Stam 115.

Motherline: ster, pref, stb, ster

She is a 10+  mover! She received a 2nd premie at her keuring.

Breeding Coef.  3.71%

Imported from Holland in January 2007.

Though Ait 410 was dissaproved as a breeding stallion for 2009, he has a wonderful mother line.  his dam is the model mare Martzen fan Great Beckum, a daughter of the preferent Reitse. Grand dam Neatocht is a ster daughter of the preferent Oege. Great grand dam is the famous, well breeding model preferent Lammert daughter Aafke-Anna. This line produced

 Misty's impressive Pedigree:

Volkje Lopcke Sire:
Ait 410
Feitse 293 Pref
Lysebet Ster+Pref
Martzen stb M
Reitse Pref
Neatocht Ster
Lopcke Ster
Lammert 260
Trynie M+Pref
Kjille Pref



Independence Stables Schooling Show

March 28, 2010

Intro Test A - 61%
Intro Test B - 64%

CDCTA Schooling Show at BHEC

April 11, 2010

Intro Test A - 62%
Intro Test B - 66%

We got high score in dressage for the day.

Horse Power Dressage Show

April 25, 2010

Intro Test A - 61.5%
Intro Test B - 62%

CEC Dressage Schooling Show

May 16, 2010

Intro Test A - 62%
Intro Test B - 62%

Horse Power Dressage Show

May 30, 2010

Intro Test A - 60.5%
Intro Test B - 60%

November 2009

Misty is currently being boarded at CT Equestrian Center.

Here we are doing a versatility/trail course.

September 2009

First show at the 4 Town Fair in Somers.

Off the lunge line!

We are finally off the lunge line and doing w/t.




Training Started

Misty was started under saddle on April 25th, 2009.  Pictures are from our second ride on May 2nd, 2009.




Update for September 2008

Misty lunges and also ground drives.  She has worn a saddle and bridle.  She has been taken for walks down the road and in the woods, nothing fazes her.  Excellent ground manners and UTD on everything.

Pictures from April 2008




**Below is Tessa.  She is Misty's half sister (both by Ait 410).  Tessa is almost 3 and just started u/s.  Tessa is selling for $20,000.  That is more than half the price I am asking for Misty.**

Updated 8/18/07

Misty is turning into a beautiful mare.  She has 3 stunning gaits and is an asset to the Friesian breed.

At 15 months old, she already stands 15hh.  I am very excited to see the accomplishments this girl is going to make in the future.

Misty 7/1/07

Misty on 5/30/07.  She is a solid 14hh at the withers.  She is going to be a big girl!

Misty's Birthday

5-9-07 Happy 1st Birthday to Misty!!

Misty's first day home

Misty's sire

She is by Ait 410.  He is a young approved stallion in the Netherlands.  He is already on the top 25 most popular list.  62% of his offspring get 1st or 2nd premies.  He is progressing in dressage and is currently showing at level M1.  At this time his semen is not available in the USA which makes him very rare and his fillies cross well with stallions in the USA.  The only way to get an Ait foal is to import one! Ait 410 is stam 115 and his dam is a model mare.

Feitse 293 Pref


Jochem 259       


Mark 232 Pref



Ait 410s dam is Martzen fan Great Beckum


Reitse 272 Pref

Dam Sire

Lammert 260 (deceased).  Olde style baroque Friesian.  He belongs to the small Age line making him a valuable choice for breeders.  He was the first stallion to be shown in upper level dressage.  Motherline 43.

Forward moving gaits and excellent movement are traits he stamped in his offspring.  He served as a breeding stallion for 20 years, before he died at age 28 in January 2003.  1st premium stallion in 1981, 83 and 84.  FPS Champion stallion and in 1982 & 85 he was Reserve Champion Stallion at the FPS Stallion Inspections.



Bjinse 241


Lopcke's great damsire is by Chrytzen 246


Tsjalling 235